Our Services

The Alliance will assist early-stage or start-up companies and small to medium size businesses in the Stark County area. The goal of the Alliance is to create a “one stop” or single point of entry for these companies seeking assistance in their formation, growth and sustained viability. The Alliance will provide assistance in all aspects of creating and growing a business including, but not limited to, the following:

Business Consulting

– Providing professional or expert advice is important to entrepreneurs growing a company. No-cost services from the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) or from the Stark Economic Development Board (SEDB) can be leveraged initially. For more complex start-ups involving new technologies, subject matter experts and mentors will be engaged to assist entrepreneurs in company growth.

Equity or Debt Financing

– The Alliance Partners have access to both regional and local funds for select entrepreneurs who can grow their companies significantly through new products or processes developed in many cases with new technologies. Conventional loans and federal, state and local financing programs can also be explored by the Partners to assist with company growth.

Management Recruiting

– Recruiting management for early stage companies is a service that is critical to the growth of young companies. Several of the Alliance Partners can directly assist in this function or have contacts that can assist in recruiting efforts.

Product Innovation

– Several regional and local organizations can assist in services relating to product development. Alliance Partners also will have access to subject matter experts who can also coach the entrepreneur in product innovation.

Legal and Accounting

– Especially with new technologies, legal services are needed to assist with procuring patents to protect entrepreneurs in growing their companies. The Partners will be able to suggest attorneys or accountants who can provide professional services to early stage companies.

Incubation Space

– Several of the Alliance Partners provide incubation space to select new technology companies (office and product development space). As part of this service, several of the Partners keep accurate, up-to-date listings of buildings and sites available for lease or purchase.